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Belt Ranking

Belt Color Ranking (Lowest to Highest) Form to Advance
1 White Basic form #1
2 White with gold stripe Basic form #2
3 Yellow Basic form #3
4 Yellow with orange stripe Tae guk il-jong
5 Orange Tae guk ee-jong
6 Green Tae guk sam-jong
7 Green with blue stripe Tae guk sa-jong
8 Blue Tae guk o-jong
9 Blue with brown stripe Tae guk yuk-jong
10 Brown Tae guk chil-jong
11 Red Tae guk pal-jong
12 Red with black stripe All 8 Tae Guk forms.
13 Black belt Koryo
14 Second degree black belt Keumgang
15 Third degree black belt Taebaek
16 Fourth degree black belt Pyeongwon
17 Fifth degree black belt Sipjin
18 Sixth degree black belt Jitae
19 Seventh degree black belt Cheonkwon
20 Eighth degree black belt Hansoo
21 Ninth degree black belt Ilyo